Photo credit: Christopher Barr Photography

Photo credit: Christopher Barr Photography


halcyon /ˈhalsɪən/


  1. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

We are Jayne & Andi Quinn Clawson, co-founders of HALCYON HALCYON - a floral & event design studio based in Crouch End, North London. We take inspiration from many things.  We are inspired by music, art and the natural world; we are drawn not only to its beauty, but also its ferocity, and from this we enjoy creating something beautiful from the unexpected in all of our designs.

When designing floral arrangements & floral installations for our clients we strive to create unique and show-stopping pieces of art, and always use a non-traditional selection of flowers and foliage.

With 15 years experience of producing events, we also offer a full event design and planning service. Working with our trusted suppliers we can manage and deliver any event or wedding from start to finish.

We love collaborating with likeminded people and brands to create something unique and memorable, and we hope to work with you soon.

Jayne Quinn Clawson - Florist & Event Producer
Andi Quinn Clawson - Florist & Production Manager